How To Install And Setup EDJ Music PHP Script

In this blog i will guide you How To Install And Setup EDJ Music PHP Script in simple words


PHP 5.5 – 7.2.3
MySQLi 5.1 – 5.7
GD Library.

FFMPEG (Optional for Audio Bit-rate Converting & Voice Track Mix)
ZIP Extension ( Optional for Zip Converting Folder or Categories)

How to Install

  1. Open Browser
  2. Open Cpanel
  4. Create New Database & Note your Database Name
  5. Create New Database User & Note your Database User Name
  6. Now, Add User to Databse Add Privileges
  7. Check All Privileges & Click Make Changes
  8. In cPanel Home, Click File Manager
  9. Now click Public_html Folder
  10. Click Upload Button & Upload
  11. Now Select & Extrack Now
  12. Open New Tab & Type:
  13. Agree Terms of Use & Click Continue Button
  14. If Server Requirement Are OKAY, Click Next Button
  15. Fill Installation form & must give right Purchase Code.
  16. IF Complete Install Form, then click Install Button
  17. If Successfuly Installed Then Go cPanel File Manager public_html folder must DELETE Install Folder & Delete file
  18. Default Admin Panel Link:

How to Set Cron Job

  1. Open Admin Panel
  2. Click Right Top bar & click Profile
  3. In Profile Page Botom & Copy Cron command
  4. Now, Open CPanel Find Cron Jobs & Click
  5. Click Common Settings & Select Once Per Five Minutes
  6. Paste Command
  7. Now Click Add New Cron Job
  8. Now Succes Cron Job Setup

How to Set Web Push Notification

  1. Open Admin Panel
  2. Click Frontend Setting Locate Menubar
  3. if Site url are http:// ( change site url https:// Ex. (
  4. In Frontend Setting If Force HTTPS are OFF Then Click to change Force HTTPS to ON then Submit
  5. If Web Push Notification are OFF then Click Change Button To ON Web Push Notification
  6. Now, In Frontend Setting Last Page “One Signal Web Push App ID” Click Change Button
  7. Now Open New tab Browser Type Address
  8. Login or Signup Onesignal Account
  9. Click New App/Website
  10. Enter Your Website Name & Click App/Website
  11. Select Web Push & click Next Button
  12. Now, Fill Site Name & Site URL(
  13. Permission Prompt Setup to Click ADD A PROMPT CHOOSE ANY PROMPT TYPE
  14. Now Click Save Button
  15. In Bottom Click Finish Button
  16. In OneSignal Dashboard Click Setting
  17. Click Keys & IDs
  18. Copy OneSignal App ID & REST API KEY
  19. In Admin Panel Paste OneSignal App ID & Click Submit Button
  20. Now Click Backend Setting & Click Change to OneSignal Rest Api Key & Paste & Click Submit Button
  21. Now Successfuly Complete.

How to Change Logo, Fevicon, Watermark, Mp3 Cover etc

  1. Open Admin Panel
  2. Click Right Top bar & click Profile
  3. Select File(Name) Which you Upload like Logo, Fevicon Etc
  4. Choose Upload File
  5. Now, Click Submit Button
  6. Now Suceess.


Logo Recommend Size: 153px – 200px
Format: .png
Fevicon Extension (format): .ico
Watermark Recommend Size: 100px – 250px width;
Format: .png
Mp3 Cover Recommend Size: 400px – 500px width;
Format: .jpg
Voice Track Required Extension(format): .mp3
{ List Category Thumb , Grid Category Thumb
List Songs Thumb, Grid Songs Thumb
List Artist, Music, Stars Lyric, Genre Thumb Grid Artist, Music, Stars Lyric, Genre Thumb
Recommend Size: 150px – 250px width;
Format: .jpg }
{ Song Info Thumb, Category Info Thumb
Recommend Size: 250px – 300px width;
Format: .jpg }

How to Change Layout

  1. Open Admin Panel
  2. Click Frontend Setting
  3. Template Layout to Change Button
  4. Available 1: list => Simple View 2: tlist => List View with Thumbnail 3: grid => Grid View
  5. Copy Available layout Name & Paste Template Layout Value Input Box
  6. Click Submit Button
  7. Now Suceesfuly Changed.
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